With a small amount of money, a desire to excel, and 18 years of jewelry experience, Mickey Hearne first opened the doors to Hearne’s Jewelers on June 3rd of 1972 in New Bern, NC. In July, his wife Laura, then of 15 years, joined her husband in the business and remains there to this day.

Mickey and Laura were quite a team. They watched their business flourish before their eyes. They always treated their customers with respect and courtesy, and gave many folks their first line of credit. Hearne’s Jewelers became known as the store that combined courtesy with integrity. Hearne’s occupied 256 Middle Street for 22 years until it closed its doors in November of 1994.

A second location, which was opened in October of 1989 at Rivertown Square, continued to flourish under the guidance of Mickey’s sons, Jimmy and Mike. Hearne’s continued to be a business that many people knew and trusted. Upon Mickey’s retirement, Laura joined her sons at Rivertown Square and continued to serve a long line of customers they count as friends.

In November of 2008, with Mom at their side, the Hearne boys realized a dream of their own in the opening of Hearne’s Fine Jewelry residing at 1331 McCarthy Blvd. The convenient location and exquisite showroom make a visit to Hearne’s a memorable experience.

While the Hearne family has seen many changes through the years, Hearne’s Fine Jewelry is still practicing the belief on which it was founded… a store that combines courtesy with integrity. Hearne’s employs an on site jeweler and specializes in loose diamonds, platinum and gold creations, precious and semi-precious stones, and elegant time-pieces. Come see for yourself what everyone has been talking about for the last 45 years. Whether it was Hearne’s Jewelers or now Hearne’s Fine Jewelry, the Hearne family is still …creating memories for life!